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 Today’s application is a unique and wonderful application that gives its user a high ability to focus and improve his memory, and then the application is very effective in learning and studying

It is Study Music - Memory Booster, the best application improving your studies and your high grades. This application strengthens the brain and removes noise through the quiet songs that the user listens to. The application also features many songs of high quality consistent with the sounds of forests and beaches, in addition to using the technology  Alpha waves that help the brain continue to function without problems

 So, this application transforms the disturbing surrounding environment full of sounds that hinder focus to calm as if you moved to the forest or the beach, and it also provides the ears with beats at a certain frequency that directs the brain’s focus towards learning

 Thus, the student will be able to complete his studies in the place he wants without paying attention to all the noise or disturbances that surround him that hinder his learning process.

 However, the application alone is not sufficient because there are some things that the student must do, such as adjusting his sleep times and lifestyle to have sufficient ability to focus because the daily routine is an important matter that must be controlled and some other things such as hyperactivity or attention deficit.

 App Pros

 - The application has a huge collection of songs and very diverse to satisfy all tastes.

 - The presence of alpha waves in the application in addition to imitating the sounds of nature such as the sea and the forest.

 - The learner can listen to the song even if the screen is locked.

 - The preparation of the application is distinctive and the interface is easy to use.

 The application is free and there are no fees to pay.

 It does not require a permanent internet connection

 - Using it is very easy, as it is like the rest of the applications that play songs.

 Download the application. click here

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