Download the best vpn (proxy) app is an application that will help you to connect to Cloudflare DNS services. It is a free and open source DNS service that guarantees you faster speed compared to Google DNS services... It also gives you the ability to browse anonymously which hides your private information from prying eyes.

But the best thing about is how easy it is to use. It will save you the trouble of constantly searching through the various setup options on your Android phone or anything like that, but just a click of a button will suffice to have this service ready to use.

One of the advantages of Cloudflare ( developer team) is that you can surf the Internet more quickly when you use this application. We are talking about a browsing experience that is about 28 percent faster compared to similar services. However, this is subject to your compliance with Cloudflare's Terms of Use. is an easy-to-use DNS service with which you can have a 
faster and safer browsing experience all with just one click.
Download : click here

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