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 We are back to you today with a wonderful application that is considered one of the most distinguished applications in its field, which has a great role in gaining scientific expertise for medical students who will one day become important surgeons. It is the Gastro Ex application, the application that simulates reality and combines science and entertainment by doing  With virtual surgeries on patients within the application, in addition to it, it teaches how to diagnose digestive diseases through endoscopy technology, and this will increase the acquisition of experience through playing and watching entertainment videos for general surgery specialists.

 Gastro Ex is a wonderful and exceptional application because it works as if it is in real life and as if it is being practiced on a real patient because the application contains the patient's anatomical body and the patient's internal organs especially as if he were lying in front of you on the operating table where you can perform digestive operations as  : Repair of arteriovenous malformations, excision of polyps via virtual forceps, APC bleeding restriction, biopsies, injections, and many other details.

 Pros of Gastro Ex:

 1- Performing surgical procedures and learning the diagnosis in a distinctive way that will make you one of the highest evaluation and you will collect a number of points to be distinguished from the rest of the surgeons in the application, where the evaluation is done through the accuracy of your work, your speed in performance, the errors or problems that you caused, in addition to your efficiency in working with the device as well as your diagnostic skills when  The endoscopic procedure plays a major role in the evaluation.

 2- The first online professional game for gastroenterologists

 3- The game contains realistic clinical stories of patients such as: atypical vasodilatation, latent lesion, sudden sigmoidoscopy, removal of polyps, and many other operations.

 4- You can discover many medical conditions that affect many people in their digestive system through the best techniques and a lot of distinctive visuals.

 Download the application . click here

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