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 The recent decision issued by the government to cancel the so-called winter time and work to permanently adopt summer time throughout the year has led to a major problem in our smart mobile phones, which used to delay the clock on a specific day of the year, which is October 28, and indeed this delay occurred despite the cancellation of Daylight saving time, our phones go back an hour in the middle of the night due to the automatic time feature related to the region of the device.

The solution was to cancel the automatic time and adjust it manually and re-submit the clock again, but despite the cancellation of the automatic time and the adoption of manual to solve this problem, the effects of that problem appeared on social networking sites and applications such as Telegram and Messenger, in which the time was delayed despite the cancellation Automatic timing We've noticed this when paying attention to when messages are being sent or received.

iPray application.

It is a special application for Muslims around the world, characterized by a hand-designed user interface that includes prayer times, in addition to a compass for the direction of the qiblah on the same screen, and one of its most important features is that it does not contain any ads at all, and it guarantees you to get accurate prayer times and offers you An alert about the time of the call to prayer, no matter where you are and wherever you are, as the application works directly without the need to adjust any presets.

The most important thing that the application offers.

1. Islamic prayer times for any location in the world.

2. A clear screen that is easy to read and understand for everyone, as it contains guiding information regarding the prayer (either the current prayer or the next prayer).

3. There is a status bar and smart notifications that keep you informed of all prayer times half an hour before it is due.

4. There is an alarm that reminds you that the prayer is about to begin.

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