Make your morning successful with this app

For all heavy sleepers, this application is definitely great for you

As the alarm only stops when you photograph a specific place in the house, forcing you to wake up


■ Wake Up Check - If you worry you might fall back asleep, worry no more. Wake Up Check will check on you until you prove you’re fully awake

■ Backup Sound - Sometimes your alarm just doesn’t get you up. But if you wait for too long, you get a second, very LOUD alarm

■ Quick Alarm for quick tasks when you don't have time with minimal settings

■ Snooze / Gradually increase volume / Vibrate features to make your awakening gentle

Alarmy is officially a free app, providing numerous attractive waking-up features for free !

Just for those who would like to enjoy an unlimited successful morning experience with premium features, 7-day Free Trial is provided. Of course you can just enjoy free features of Alarmy, which is still strong & effective !

- This app needs this permission for the photo mission, which requires users to take a photo
- This app needs this permission to load external ringtones
- This app needs this permission to save pictures taken by users who are using the photo mission
- This app needs this permission if you want to get weather information in Today’s panel.
- This app needs this permission if you want to use prevent yourself from uninstalling it
- It uses DEVICE MANAGER permission
- This app needs this permission to display dismiss screen on Android 10 or higher versions

to download click here

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