Free self-learning course on first aid skills

 If you want to learn the most important first aid skills and know how to deal with cases of fainting, fractures or burns and avoid standing confused in front of emergency situations without knowing what the correct behavior to do in this situation, but you do not have the time or money to register for a first aid course and gain experience Now you can do it for free and get a comprehensive first aid course provided by the Edraak platform.

Edraak platform provides a comprehensive and free first aid course and provides the possibility of self-learning to act correctly and quickly in emergency situations that we are all exposed to or being close to where they occur.

The course is easy in terms of its degree of difficulty and is always available and there are thousands of people registered on the course. The course provides an opportunity to take assessment tests and you will get an experience certificate from the Edraak platform when you complete the first aid course.

What will you learn after you complete the first aid course, which is available for free on the Edrak platform?

1. Introducing first aid, identifying basic skills in first aid, and knowing the extent to which intervention is possible in various emergency situations.

2. Learn the correct behavior to be performed in the various emergency incidents that a person may encounter near you, such as: cardiac arrest, breathing, suffocation, choking, and disturbance in the degree of consciousness.

3. The method of providing first aid for burns, estimating their degrees, and the necessary emergency action.

4. A kit about children's first aid.

5. The correct way to deal with cases of fractures, wounds, bleeding and cases of insect, snake, scorpion or animal bites.

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