Permanently delete photos without recovery

 Here is this application that encrypts and permanently deletes your photos, if there is in your phone a group of photos and videos that you want to delete permanently, then this application is for you

“Recovering deleted photos” Indeed, this sentence creates a great controversy when you want to sell your old phone to replace it with a newer phone, so the question here remains, do I format the device and then sell it because the photos will be deleted from the moment the phone is formatted, or do I keep the device because the format will not delete the photos Final

The answer to this question is already that formatting your phone does not mean permanently deleting the photos, but it is possible to retrieve them, but also at the same time I am not at all with the idea of ​​keeping the old phone and not selling it, but all we have to do is look a little for the solution because in the world of technology the solution always available

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