Download the famous game "Red Alert" on your mobile device


It is a strategy and management game that puts you in control of a military base where you have to build and upgrade dozens of buildings. Here you will need to build military barracks, garrisons, warehouses, workshops and more.

As usual in this type of game, progression here will be simply by clicking on the buttons that appear in the upper left of the screen. Thus, you will be able to complete missions. As you complete missions, you'll earn resources which you can invest in improving your base.

In the same vein as this saga, Red Alert OL brings you real scenes represented by real actors. In these scenes, you will discover the secrets of many important events that are related to the story, and are also related to other games in this series.

It is a strategy game perfectly adapted to work on Android devices. In addition to all that, it has great graphics and tons of content.

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