The most powerful mobile montage app without a watermark

"In Shot" application, it provides you with a set of features, which are:
 1 / It is available in the Arabic language, and this is cause for optimism regarding the application.
2 / The app comes with an easy-to-use interface that offers three options: video, images, or design, but as a YouTube content maker you need to use the first option "video"
 3 / The ability to remove the watermark only by clicking on it (make sure you connect to the Internet first ) And delete it every time it appears during montage.
 4 / This application allows you to choose the appropriate video size for you, which is responsive to different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
5 / The ability to add audio or sound effects to the video, whether you have it in the files, or that the application offers you in the free version (without rights), with the ability to use the microphone to record your voice directly.
6 / The ability to add emoji (emoji) or icons, and it gives you many of them for free.
 7 / It provides you with the ability to write in Arabic or English, with the ability to control writing (rotation, changing the color, changing the font, transparency ... etc), and talking about fonts, it provides you with a good number of free fonts (without rights ), Some of which support the Arabic language.

 8 / Control video color and color manipulation, with cinematic effects.
9 / video cutting feature, and next to it the ability to add an external background if you want.
10 / Control the video speed increase or decrease, which is useful for making the video short for followers.
 11 / The ability to control the volume.
12 / Add impressive transitions between shots (available in the free version).
 13 / Choose the video quality, and get it at the appropriate size. In addition, the size of the application is only 30 MB, and it has obtained more than +100 million downloads since its launch, and there are many features that were added in the last update (this can be verified in the application description on the Google Play Store), you can benefit From them, and share our experience of your use of the application in the comments.

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