Download this strategy game on your Android phone and have fun

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You feel in this game as if you are in space and in this wonderful game you enter a competition against your opponent to fight a very big war and the victory is achieved through the use of strategies and techniques for war or else you will lose because the game is a little difficult, one of the game features that you can play you and your friend as one team.

This game is similar to the game of General Zero Hower, which we all know, it is a game dedicated to computers and today we brought you this game similar to it is intended for Android phones

Take control of the world's greatest nations and take on the looming threat of World War III. Loot and control resources and forge massive alliances to boost your economy and weaken your enemies in various ways. Equip your weapons of mass destruction to be the dominant superpower.

Choose the strategy that suits you and follow it to reach power, forge alliances and devise a hidden war to maneuver enemies or activate weapons of mass destruction, the options are many and the goal is one! Military forces are at your command and ready to carry out your orders at any time. are you ready?

The General provides a huge play area, powerful military units, and endless methods to achieve your goal of world domination! Join millions of Arab players, develop your strategic plan and lead your forces to victory. Rise up the ranks, rank among the best players and be the general.

Game Features:
• More than 120 players in one round
• Effective and real time movement of units on the battlefield
• Infinitely many maps as well as various scenarios
• Real military technology and equipment
• Diverse research organization with more than 350 different species
• Three distinct faiths: Western, European and Eastern
• Confrontations according to different terrains with missiles, radars and stealth units
• Nuclear, chemical and conventional weapons of mass destruction
• Renewed renewed content and varied and different seasons
• A game dedicated to the alliance within a huge community.

To download the game, click here