Fun water bubbles game to eliminate boredom


Fun water bubbles game to eliminate boredom

An entertaining game for adults and children that everyone can play and have a good time

Get out of boredom in an easy and simple way.

The game of bursting colored water bubbles is considered one of the simplest games on smartphones

It is suitable for toddlers and children to play and adds a lot of fun

  It is entertaining and challenging because it includes a large number of additional improvements, such as responsiveness

Fast speed, great control, ease of play, and a large number of added stages.

How the game works:

The game is very simple and its goal is to eliminate colored water bubbles before they multiply

Their number increases before the player loses his chance to play and repeats the stage again.

Each colored ball must be thrown by the player next to similar balls to be eliminated

All of them before they gather and increase in number.

- The game of bursting colorful water bubbles adds a lot of challenge by allowing transition

To the next level once you eliminate all the balls of each level, which includes more than 50

A new stage (level) and therefore has endless fun and a great challenge that will not end easily.

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