An application to measure distances through the phone camera

An application to measure distances through the phone camera

The Smart Distance app is a tool in an extended suite of smart toolsets

The rangefinder (telemeter) measures the distance to the target using the camera's perspective.

The effective distance is 10m-1km which is sufficient for golfers, fishermen and sailors.

- Allows you to calculate long distances on your Android device

All you have to do is point your device's camera at something

Far so that the application calculates the distance between it and the other point.

How does the app work?

Enter the height of the object whose area you want to measure, then modify

Green lines. Thus, you will be able to easily obtain

The space that separates your device's camera from it. Here are some helpful numbers:

The average height of a person is 1.70 metres, while the height of the bus is approximately three metres.

While the height of the door is usually two meters.

- 3 distance tools completed.

1- Smart ruler (short, touch): 1-50 cm

2- Smart scale (average, trigonometry): 1-50 m

3- Smart distance (long, perspective): 10m-1km

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