An application to follow the latest Palestinian news

 An application to follow the latest Palestinian news

The best application for following the news so that you can enjoy the service of knowing the news and what is going on around you

From events very quickly, you can also know the news of your city and other cities.

- The application is nothing but a large news encyclopedia that includes an infinite number of events that

We go through it daily and there is a lot of diverse news that suits all age groups

And different tastes, so it is considered one of the best applications for following exclusive news.

Application features:

- The application provides you with many types of news related to various fields

Life such as sports, tourism, politics and other various news.

- Constant updating throughout the day with the latest news and everything related to your interests.

- Alert notifications that the application sends to you on an ongoing basis.

- Follow news channels and sources through which you are alerted

With the latest news, up to date, it is one of the most important applications for following Arab and Egyptian news.

- This application supports all types of different operating systems, such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.

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