An application to fix your phone's speaker sound


An application to fix your phone's speaker sound

If you want to fix your phone's speaker sound, analyze the speaker's efficiency, and increase it

Volume This application helps you to automatically clean your speakers

To experience the original phone sound in HD quality.

- The application offers you an internal and external speaker tester to test the sound

And frequency generation You can use this to test the quality and conduct an audio test of the speakers

Audio while purchasing new speakers, or you can use it to conduct a test

Loudspeaker on the phone's headset and loudspeaker. Speaker Cleaner app

It is a very simple frequency generator that generates different frequencies and performs a sound test

And test the sound on your speakers.

Application features:

- Simple and easy UI/UX speaker test app

- Analyze and clean your speakers within a few taps on the screen

- Experience instant improvement with the loudspeaker app.

- Manual and automated testing options.

- Check the efficiency of the speaker immediately.

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