Prank your friends with this fake x ray app

Prank your friends with this fake x ray app

An application that enables you to turn your phone into an X-ray scanning device

But in reality, this is not the case at all, but it will make your device look like

X-ray examination device.

- You can choose from the Xray Prank interface which part of the body you want to x-ray

But what you actually do is select a body part and then see the X-ray image on your device screen

Then, thanks to the accelerometer, as the device moves up or down, the image

It will also move up or down, even if you focus on that part

From the body, it will appear as if the app already has the ability to take x-rays.

How to use:


2- Place your phone on the wall.

3- Click "Scan" and wait a second.

4- Enjoy

Application features:

- The application is simple and easy to use

- Simple gameplay

- The application is addictive because of its entertainment

- Universal: for tablets and phones.

"To download 

click here"

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