An application of the most important medical terminology for doctors


An application of the most important medical terminology for doctors

An application that is considered a comprehensive dictionary of all medical terms used by doctors

Very important for medical students and new doctors.

- Through this application you can obtain a huge database of terms

Medical and diseases because this application contains more than 40,000 terms

Along with brief definitions. You can also bookmark it

The most requested terms and modify the dictionary according to your desires.

- The application enables you to become familiar with old and newer medical terms with meanings

And short descriptions that will clarify your concepts. You can bookmark it

Special terminology and increase your knowledge of common and uncommon diseases.

Application features:

- Learn vocabulary and definition with word search.

- Reference book and medical thesaurus covering all medical terms and abbreviations.

- Very fast word search for medical terms

- Huge database of medical terms, medical vocabulary.

- Email any terms and conditions immediately.

- Find medical terms. Learn words and increase your learning with your pocket thesaurus

- Unlimited bookmarks, word search and learning

- Unlimited history.

- Compatible with Android device versions

- High efficiency, fast and good performance

- Quick search words, terms, and phrases.

- Automatic free updates whenever new terms are added

- The application is designed to occupy as much memory as possible

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