A very important application for ninth-grade students in Syria

 A very important application for ninth-grade students in Syria

An important educational application for ninth-grade students in Syria. This program provides educational videos and helps students in their studies.

- The application provides educational videos to explain all ninth-grade subjects, as it has been prepared

These videos are made by a group of teachers from the city of Damascus and its countryside, and these videos are characterized by accuracy.

And clarity, as it was prepared using the best international technologies.

- The application does not need to connect to the Internet except when downloading the video for the first time.

- The ninth comprehensive tutorial works to bring you closer to your friends: because all of you meet in

One application, the Noun Academy works to provide challenges, lessons and competitions

Through the Internet with all your friends and colleagues, you can also talk to your friends

And help them answer all their questions in the follow-up groups.

Application features:

- The ninth application will save you a lot of effort and money.

- A ninth application that is able to be completed without the Internet when downloading the video only once.

- A ninth application provides many tests, and these tests are based on collecting

Curriculum vocabulary for the student to review himself after watching the educational videos

- The application can be an alternative to private lessons and can also be dispensed with.

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