Click the button to earn money

 Click the button to earn money

Button Fever is a super easy video game where the main objective is to earn large amounts of money while pressing the buttons that appear on the screen.

By pressing the buttons, you can increase the number of dollars that can be obtained from the voucher printing machine that you operate.

The controls in Button Fever are very simple because as an automatic video game, it doesn't require players to press many buttons or pay attention to how the game progresses.

As you accumulate earnings, you will be able to get more buttons that will allow you to earn more money and, as is common in this type of game, this will allow you to unlock more perks, upgrades, and buttons to continue lining your pockets.

Button Fever is an infinite video game because the money creation machine can keep creating banknotes endlessly. On the game screen, you need to place the button pieces so that they can be joined together to increase the yield of banknotes.

The number of banknotes that can be obtained by pressing buttons can be increased by combining these items, thus increasing the number that can be obtained. You can also improve the speed and frequency of keystrokes by watching advertisements.

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