Application to compress files and reduce their size

 Application to compress files and reduce their size

It is the first program specialized in compressing and decompressing files, as it supports most file formats

Compressed files such as RAR - ZIP - CAB - 7Z.

Application features:

The program is also used to save files in a compressed file for the purpose of protection away from viruses.

- The program is important to compress files to upload them in a single file format on the Internet.

The program is important for all computers, as it supports work on all Windows operating systems

And also the Linux system, and there is a special version for Mac devices, as well as another version for the Android system.

- The user can create a self-installation file through the WinRAR program, and does not require any installation

Decompression programs, where the file can be exported in (SFX) format or the self-running file.

WinRAR is characterized by its ability to detect files that have corruption

In order to ensure the validity of the file before storing and saving it.

WinRAR has the ability to grab and drop files to add other files and also decompress specific files.

WinRAR is the fastest file decompression program.

WinRAR user can add a password to comment and encrypt any file when done

By compressing or decompressing it, as a form of protection and security for files.

One of the great features of the program is that it supports work and operation in the Arabic language, and it is easy to use, and it is also a free program.

The program can decompress discs and can play ios files.

The program can divide files by compressing them, and it can decompress previously divided files.

  Any file can be compressed to reduce its size, and compression can be re-increased to get a very small file size.

WinRAR is updated periodically to increase playback efficiency

Solving program problems, adding new features and improvements.

The program is available in two versions, the first 32-bit and the second 64-bit, depending on the Windows system on the computer.

- The user can change the appearance of the program interface as he likes

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