An application for reading enthusiasts that includes thousands of novels

An application for reading enthusiasts that includes thousands of novels

It is an application that specializes in reading, as this application allows you to enjoy thousands of novels

And download it to your mobile phone and read it in the event that you do not have the Internet.

- The application needs to create your own account and you can also use your personal accounts

on Facebook, Twitter, or Google to create your Inkitt account

After that, you can choose your favorite literary genres and start enjoying reading.

- On this application, you will find many books that you can download with just a touch on the screen

You can also customize the font size and even the background color to your liking.

- Contains thousands of different novels, whether science fiction or romance novels,

and many more. As it is not limited in number. And all you have to do is

Pick one and start reading.

- It's the perfect free app for reading fiction books on an Android phone or computer

Tablet, especially for avid readers who love discovering novels coming from

New and talented authors are on the go.

Application features:

- A great app for English reading lovers.

The application was able to enter the list of the best books for the year 2017, according to the selection of the Play Store.

It contains thousands of books, novels, and stories of all kinds.

- Determine your favorite genres to display the most popular novels for each genre.

- A private library to add your favorite books.

Download books to read later without the need for an internet connection.

- Create or add reading lists that contain several books.

- Distinctive tools to make books easier to read, such as displaying entire chapters, changing the font and background.

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