Monitor your pet's health with VitusVet

 Monitor your pet's health with VitusVet

Many people enjoy raising a pet in their home because of the familiarity and loving atmosphere it creates in the home, and it is not only that easy, but taking care of a pet at home requires knowing the best way to maintain its health and prevent it from diseases, and when it comes to managing your pet’s health, from The important thing is to stay informed of everything new.

The VitusVet™ app makes keeping track of your pet's health a breeze by putting all the necessary information in one place. It's a great tool for anyone with one pet, anyone who travels with pets, and those with multiple pet caregivers including Veterinarians, breeders, walkers, groomers, and more.

Application features:

Monitor your pet's health: control your pet's weight, track their medication, record microchip and pet insurance details, as well as note any allergies or medical alerts for quick reference.

ACCESS YOUR PET'S INFORMATION ANYTIME: Get access to your pet's medical records on your phone, wherever you are! It's also easy to share with other caregivers while taking better care of your pet.

It's the pet health management to-do list: set reminders for everything your pet needs - from giving your pet medication to scheduling appointments, buying food, and more.

Request appointments and prescription refills.

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