An educational and exciting game for students of the College of Medicine

An educational and exciting game for students of the College of Medicine, Department of Cardiology

If you have a heartfelt love and passion for the interior, you will enjoy this game

It consists of several stages, during which a patient is presented to you and you are asked to examine him and all

The necessary analyses and images to diagnose the condition and then treat it through medication or other interventions.

- The game helps you diagnose and treat common to rare diseases,

And play more PCI levels that pump the heart into the blood vessels

The vitality of Cardio Ex. Rare medical scenarios and complications help you

Stay ahead and get ready for your next boss level in real life.

Application features:

- Compatible with Zephyr HXM Bluetooth, Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart Heart Monitor incompatible devices (Polar H7);

Compatible with heart rate monitors using the Ant+ protocol (eg

Garmin HRM-Tri heart rate monitor)

- control your heart rate at any time during training,

And track the location of the indicators in the target area

- Counter of calories burned during exercise

Determine and modify the work area during training

- Record of all exercises performed

- Voice feedback that tells you the time, calories burned, and heart rate

Entering and Leaving the Target Area (in English)

- Convert training report to Microsoft Ex-supported file

To download 

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