The most famous and popular classic game UNO is now in your hands

The most famous and popular classic game UNO is now in your hands

Uno is now on your mobile phone with new rules and global series tournaments

Many different game modes It is a family-friendly card game.

- You can now compete in tournaments and events to win free rewards and checkout

1st place on the leaderboard Form partnerships with friends or family

Play in 2v2 mode and co-op to win

Anywhere, anytime with family and friends around the world.

- You can this classic version of UNO! ™ by playing through several different game modes,

It's free for everyone, with quick matches, against friends, and much more.

- You'll find that there are many different challenges each week to put your skills to work

Test and measure yourself against other players. The more matches you win

With it, the more points you get, the higher your ranking.

- You can now enjoy a quick match at any time of the day against other top players

who will quickly access your skills. Plus, if you can, you can

Show the abilities of UNO! ™ over the rest of the world with its own international scoreboard.

the way of playing:

- When it is your turn, you can throw a card of the same color, the same number, or the same suit.

- There are special cards that can reverse the turn, reverse colors, or make your opponent draw cards

Additional and others, use them wisely, and you can withdraw a card and keep the distinguished cards for your use

right on time.

- If you do not have suitable cards to throw, you must draw a card from the table, and when you have it

Paper Press UNO.

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