Medroid / medical software encyclopedia for your Android device

 Medroid / medical software encyclopedia for your Android device

A complete encyclopedia of various medical programs and applications for Android on the Play Store, and it aims to help doctors and medical students find the best medical programs and applications that suit them among the thousands of applications available on it, which may be well-designed, or bad and useless. An extension of the encyclopedia on the Internet (

Application features:

Medical Application Advisor: It is a search tool that will filter programs that suit you and interest you based on the specialization you want, the language you want, whether it is Arabic, English, or German, and the price category that suits you, between free, experimental, and final programs. Paid.

It includes the latest additions: The Medroid team adds more applications to our encyclopedia on a weekly basis, and through the "Latest Additions" feature, you can follow the latest that we have added.

List of the 10 best medical programs: Here you can learn about the 10 best medical programs that we have recommended to you.

In the Medroid application, they select the best programs for you, after trying them, and evaluating their various aspects (design, content, ease of use), and one of its most important features is its coverage of a large number of medical topics, pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. Emergency medicine and anesthesia, digestive, thoracic, respiratory and cardiac internal medicine, evidence-based medicine, laboratory medicine, college, medicines, exam preparation.

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