Download now the best application to follow football news


Download now the best application to follow football news, moment by moment

The app is primarily aimed at soccer fans as the app allows users to

Receive notifications about the goals scored by their favorite team in real time

By presenting the latest goals of matches and leagues of all kinds, in Arabic, English, and Spanish.

- The application displays live videos of the goals scored by the team the user supports,

As well as watching the latest football news and exclusive videos.

- Displays matches with numbers that are understandable to all and detailed numbers provided by Opta,

It includes squad formations, live commentary, team standings, matches, and more.

- Information about direct confrontations to know the history of the teams’ confrontations with each other

Some before the next encounter, using the Head-to-Head section.

- It also allows the user to receive notifications about their favorite teams and the tournaments they wish to participate in

Watch it, you can watch the video at any time and share it on social networking sites

Various channels from Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing live footage of the match via Instagram.

- The best players and teams Learn about the most prominent international stars currently through the Best Players and Teams section.

- Detailed squad level Know your team's current level and compare them to opponents.

- The latest transfer news Stay informed of the latest transfer news from trusted sources.

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