Download the most famous annoying neighbor game

Download the most famous annoying neighbor game

It is considered one of the most beautiful and funny games, as it is based on a number of comical pranks

Woody presents it in his Annoying Neighbor, drawing on a number of methods and tools,

and makes sure to hide throughout the game; so as not to be discovered.

- The idea of the game is based on deliberately carrying out a number of pranks on the neighbor; Where the player

quarrels with his neighbor in order to annoy him as a player is like the star of a TV show,

Where there are cameras that follow the player's various steps and monitor his steps,

- You can use many different items: mouse traps, crackers, marbles, and markers

By combining some of these items, you can create even more dangerous traps

Unfortunately, the neighbor also has some help, his parrot, for example, will tell

about you if he sees you doing anything suspicious.

Game features:

- Amazing sound effects, make the player feel fun and entertained.

- The graphics are of good quality in terms of colors.

- The game does not face the problem of cutting.

- Its area is small, so you do not need a large internal space for the phone.

- Suitable for all versions of Android smartphones.

- Suitable for all age groups, young and old can share.

- It comes with a number of levels that get more difficult as you succeed in the previous levels.

- It is also downloaded for free, so there is no need to pay expensive fees when downloading.

To download 

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