Application to learn more than 30 languages, including English and German

Application to learn more than 30 languages, including English and German

An application that allows you to learn many languages, more than 30 foreign languages are available at your fingertips

Including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese,

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

- The application has an effective way of enriching your vocabulary of foreign words and expressions

You increase them in multilingual mode with the help of native speakers.

- Learn languages from scratch to pro at your own pace Learning from scratch is easy

Train your memory and enrich your vocabulary with effective multilateral flashcards for memorization

New words, phrases, and expressions quickly if you're still wondering, "How do I

Learn Spanish fast?” Then the program is designed for you. Build your vocabulary

On your own learn up to 4 languages simultaneously.

Application features:

- You can build your vocabulary

- Choose from 30 available languages to learn

- Memorize new words and phrases with the help of flashcards

Learn anywhere, anytime

- Add new words and phrases

Correct translation

- Hear the correct pronunciation from native speakers

Download your own pronunciation

- Check the pronunciation of others

Help others learn your language as a foreign language

View your learning statistics

Apply filters to the map view

- Create a channel to check words and pronunciation

- Use word search in any language

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