Application to download your favorite songs for free

 Application to download your favorite songs for free

It is a leading application in the field of uploading and listening to media and songs

You can download songs easily and for free.

- You can log in by typing your e-mail or login

With your Facebook account or your Google account, as you like and it's easier

Register with your Facebook or Google account, as it ensures that you do not forget the account

You do not need to write a password, but click on register with the site either

Google or Facebook.

- Inside the application, there are most types of audio media, whether it is songs or a radio program, for example.

There are programs broadcast on the radio and the entire episode is downloaded on SoundCloud, and there are also hymns

The Qur’an for many sheiks, there are religious supplications and there are comic audio clips, there are all

Media files approx.

Application features:

- The application has an easy interface and does not need any complexity.

The audio files are of very high quality.

Supports many formats.

- There is a very huge database that includes millions of Arabic and English songs.

- There are many religious supplications and the recitation of the Qur’an in the voice of many sheiks.

- Songs can be played in the background.

The application supports many languages, including Arabic and English.

The application is available for Android and iOS and through the website.

- The number of application downloads exceeded 100 million.

To download 

click here

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