An important application to get rid of neck pain and aches


An important application to get rid of neck pain and aches

An app that offers you the most effective neck exercises to do at home to get rid of neck pain

Chronic headaches and dizziness, neck training to restore healthy muscle strength.

- The program helps to stimulate blood circulation, and improve neuromuscular movement in

upper spine. Classes are suitable for everyone and have 3 levels of difficulty - for beginners

When all neck pain relief exercises are done in a chair, daily home exercises,

Where there are sitting and standing exercises for the shoulders with osteochondrosis and a training program

more complicated.

- Provides videos with audio to explain the necessary movements that are performed at smooth and comfortable capacities

Slowly and consciously. It is recommended to do the neck shoulder stretching exercise daily for the prevention and treatment

of osteochondrosis.

Types of activities offered by the application:

- dynamic - there is a stimulation of blood flow and a basic warm-up;

- static - there is a stretching and warming of the muscles and release of muscle clamps;

- with reinforcement - there is a strengthening of the muscle corset, the shoulders are already involved here;

- There is a deep and powerful dilation and stimulation of blood circulation.

- yoga asanas

Focus on the upper spine and shoulders.


This app is a source of information and does not provide any medical advice, it should not be used by anyone

By individuals under the age of 18 or pregnant women. It is recommended to consult a doctor

And get professional advice to make sure you can do this activity.

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