An application that helps you to complete the Noble Qur’an

An application that helps you to complete the Noble Qur’an. Whenever you open your phone, it displays a verse for you

A wonderful application that enables you to read the Holy Quran on a daily and sequential basis

And it helps you not to desert him and earn mountains of good deeds whenever you open your phone

It displays a verse from the Qur’an for you to read from the last verse you reached

As well as every day, I read a large number of verses.

- The Qur’an used is referenced and documented by the King Fahd Complex for Printing

The Holy Qur’an (Madina Qur’an - Ottoman drawing).

- The application makes you read a verse every time you open your mobile phone so that you are not one of those who read it

"They abandoned this Qur'an."

- There is a great reward, so we all open our mobile phones more than a hundred times in one day, so how many verses will you read in one day?

The program will show you, at the beginning of each new day, the statistics of your daily, weekly, and monthly readings

since you use the program.

Application features:

- You can choose the verse that you want the program to start displaying.

- It also shows you the statistics of the verses that you have read.

- It allows you to choose your favorite reciter among many reciters.

- Shows you the previous and subsequent verses, for more reading.

- It has a “later” feature that you can click on if you want to quickly use your mobile phone and not read at that time.

- It can show the surah and the verse number.

Who are the in-app readers?

- Meshary bin Rashid Al-Afasy

- Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna

- Mohamed Ayoub

- exclusive

- Saad Al-Ghamdi

- Maher Almaikulai

- Mustafa Ismael

- Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi

- Al-Hudhaifi

- Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

- Naser Al Katamy

- Yasser Al Dosary

Saud Al-Shuraim

- Ahmed Al-Agamy

Ali Abdullah Jaber

- Al-Husari (a novel of workshops)

- Fares Abbad

- Abu Bakr Al-Shatri

- Muhammad Jibril

- Abdullrahman Alsudais

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