An application that enables you to open important links in the background

An application that enables you to open important links in the background while using other applications

Now you can open all the important links for you and use other applications

Without being bound by the open link, that is, if you use WhatsApp and click on a link

Certain, this application will open that link and at the same time continue to

Talk to your friend who sent you the link.

- The application helps you to read articles and open links from all applications

of your favorites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+,

etc. in a new way.

- It downloads articles and links in the background for you while you're doing something productive

The app gets rid of ads and loads speed reading mode only provides content

Relevant and save your time and data. It also allows you to save articles

Offline to read it later.

Application features:

- Saves you time as it loads articles and other links in the background while you continue to use the current app.

- It also saves data and enjoys faster loading and gets rid of all ads and unnecessary clutter from blogs and articles.

- Enables you to read articles easily and lets you focus only on meaningful content.

- Lets you quickly share links to your favorite apps like Facebook and Twitter.

- The application supports more than 15 languages, including Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

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