An application that enables you to lock the screen with your voice

An application that enables you to lock the screen with your voice

You can now lock and unlock your phone screen with your voice, that is, you can easily unlock your phone with a voice command

You just have to say the command you set to unlock your phone, and the phone will unlock right away.

- The application can set a PIN password and a voice password on the screen,

The voice command screen unlock app has a very unique feature that enables you to

During this, you unlock your phone by voice input. On the other hand, if you don't

If you want to unlock your phone by voice command, then simply unlock your mobile p

n by entering your password. This application allows you to view the date and time

On the screen, moreover, if you do not want the date and time to be displayed on the screen,

You can change this setting in the app setting. You can fully customize the lock screen.

Application features:

- Open the screen lock with voice

- You can set a voice password on your Android phone

- In this app multiple wallpapers you can set on lock screen

- You can unlock the screen with the voice

- Enable sounds from app settings

- The app has the option to show the date and time on the screen

- Set a PIN password in this voice lock screen app.

- Voice unlocks screen does not take any personal information.

It is a completely secure app and will not share any personal data with others.

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