:To manage your screenshots, flyscreen app


:To manage your screenshots, flyscreen app

To manage your screenshots, flyscreen app:

It's a powerful tool for managing your screenshots. You can easily search your screenshots on your smart device, copy text, and find similar images in your library, all safely using machine learning on your smart device.

Application features:

  Copy text from your screenshots: Just click on any text in the screenshots.

You may copy text and open URLs.

You can search for specific screenshots in your library by searching for text.

FlyScreen indexes your screenshots ahead of time to make searching faster.

It can search for similar screenshots visually, making it easy to identify and delete duplicates.

It can organize screenshots by tags.

  Fly Screen automatically reads all screenshots from your photos.

  You can also import any other photos.

It puts your favorite web pages to sleep on your phone, gives you one-tap access to the content you use most, is highly customizable, and uses the least amount of data.

FlyScreen is so fast, it's the fastest way to get your mobile info on the go, it lets you add your favorite web services (in the form of a widget) to your phone's sleep screen, giving you one-tap access to the content you use most.

All you have to do now is to click on the phrase “download from here” at the bottom of the article.

Download from here

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