Speed up downloading of apps and games with ADM Downloader

 Speed up downloading of apps and games with ADM Downloader

It is the best download manager tool, enabling you to download any type of file on your Android device with all the capabilities that you might expect from a corresponding program on the first interface of a PC.

Among the most distinctive features of Advanced Download Manager is the ability to choose from several different download folders depending on the file type, for example, when downloading video files you can automatically save them to the "Video" folder, while text files will be downloaded to their corresponding folder. .

Also interesting options that Advanced Download Manager includes, include the ability to resume downloads that were interrupted due to a loss of connection since you can set the download to start automatically at a later time.

Application features:

Downloading from the Internet with a maximum of three files at the same time.

Improve download speed by segmenting it into 9 parts.

Downloading files in the background and the feature to resume after pausing.

Download progress icon in the notification panel.

A transparent progress bar at the top of all windows.

Completion notification is with sound and vibration.

Backup list of downloads and settings on the SD card.

Save different file extensions in different folders.

Built-in browser for sites with registration.

The feature of customizing the interface and themes (themes).

Timely download planning.

Creating profiles for websites.

All you have to do now is to click on the phrase “download from here” at the bottom of the article.

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