Space game, astronomy for kids

 Space game, astronomy for kids

We will take your child on a wonderful journey around the solar system, he will discover planets, stars, constellations and any celestial bodies in endless fun that will satisfy your child's curiosity and make him sail in a world of magic, he will not be able to resist the variety of colors and information included in the application, as well as he will answer everything that comes to your child's mind From questions about the world of space and astronomy, and it will make him love to contemplate the sky and the stars.

Application features:

Fun astronomical game.

Her style is simplistic, suitable for children's minds.

Provides interesting facts about astronomy.

Planets will be visited by stars, comets, and whatever you can think of in space.

Featuring entertaining educational films about space.

It includes short tests.

At the end, the app declares the child the winner of the test, or helps them improve their own score.

Fun and useful at the same time.

It enables the child to learn the basics of astronomy in an exciting way, and to learn about the characteristics of the solar system through play.

Seeing solar systems and stars in three-dimensional shapes, and viewing images taken by space telescopes.

In addition to the interesting topic for children, the application also features an integrated encyclopedia about the solar system, including constellations, planets and stars, in addition to educational films, exciting astronomical games, as well as various self-tests, the Hubble Space Telescope, and many other interesting things from the world of astronomy.

I will now leave you with a link to download the application so that you can simplify space and astronomy information for your children and make them wander in the sky. All you have to do is click on the phrase "download from here" at the bottom of the article.

"Download from here"

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