Hidden eye application, you will know the identity of who snoops on your phone

 Hidden eye application:

The idea of ​​the application is based on photographing the face of every person trying to unlock your phone by entering a wrong password or an incorrect pin code and even an incorrect pattern, so it reveals to you the personalities of those trying to unlock your phone by photographing their faces, to protect you from spying and intrusion of others, and to preserve your privacy and security.

How does the app work?

First, you have to set a password for your phone.

Then download and install the application.

Turn the app on.

He will ask you to access the camera, you have to give him permission.

Now the application is ready to work.

The application is characterized by a clear and easy-to-use interface, and it does not contain any complications that would make you abandon the idea of ​​installing the application due to the severity of its use, you may be suspicious of the many permissions it requests, but it will not be able to work properly unless you activate it as an administrator on the device, all are stored Pictures taken by the "Hidden eye" application are stored in your phone's memory so that you can return to them whenever you want.

I will leave you now with a link to download this unique application, which will provide you with safe use and ensure that you know the identity of those who are trying to spy on your phone. All you have to do is click on the phrase "download from here" at the bottom of the article.

"Download from here"

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