Choose the paint for your new home via your smartphone

 Choose the paint for your new home via your smartphone

Jotun ColourDesign It is the official application of Jotun Paints, which enables you to easily find all the modern and trendy colors for any design as well as help you find the right color shade for your personal taste and home décor.

It is known that in order to find the perfect color for your design, you have to look at many different colors, and this causes a lot of time and effort to be wasted, but you can do this easily by using the Jotun ColorDesign application for Android, which will help you find the right color quickly and without hassle while providing color grades Multiple of one color only.

In addition, the area of the units varies, and therefore it is necessary to calculate the dimensions of the room well so that you can know the amount of paint that you will need, and then start browsing the options of different products and find the ideal paint that suits you.

The application is distinguished by a lot, beginning with the process of selecting the best paint colors that you want to use. Each time you enter it, you will find a new, very different group of various colors. It also adds to it the feature of choosing colors according to the type of place you want to paint, as it includes houses, villas, palaces, and public institutions.

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