Application of a data bank for the unified national pharmacy exam:

Application of a data bank for the unified national pharmacy exam

 The Unified National Pharmacy Examination is considered one of the crucial tests in the life of every

 newly graduated pharmacy student. Therefore, care must be taken in preparing for it and reviewing specialized information in all pharmaceutical sciences.

Where today’s application includes all the information that the student must review, which is the result of five years of study in the College of Pharmacy, and among the important things in this distinguished tabulations that I include, which provides the student with the ability to review according to the specialization he wants from analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and Pharmacognosy and drug chemistry, as well as food chemistry, drug control, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, all cosmetic sciences, microbiology and bacteriology.

It is worth noting that this exam is for pharmacy students in public and private universities alike, and the student must score 50% or more in it to be able to pass, and he has the right to repeat it again in case of failure.

The application also contains distinctive methods of testing that are similar to the method of the final exam, which makes the student live the atmosphere of the exam, thus relieving him of the psychological burden and tension that usually precedes the detailed academic exams.

To download the application and take advantage of all the advantages and benefits that it provides, you only need to click on the phrase “download from here” at the bottom of the article.

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