An application to repair and clean your phone's speakers from water


An application to repair and clean your phone's speakers from water if you enter your mobile phone

If your phone is exposed to water your speakers will go bad

This application will provide you with a quick and simple solution that enables you to clean the water

And flush it out of the speaker within seconds with this simple water-removal process

The stethoscope is very easy to do and has a success rate of more than 80%.

How the application works:

The app uses sine wave sounds of pre-selected frequencies to remove

Water from the speaker, sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and bounce off

of water suspended in it.

The app has a few built-in cleaning modes to help you out

It removes water trapped inside the speaker with great success.

Auto Clean: The auto clean mode is an automated process of removing water from the speaker

With just one press of the button, the speaker will be fixed in 80 seconds

There are also two auto-cleaning modes, so be sure to try both if one doesn't work.

Manual cleaning: Manual cleaning mode allows you to select the exact frequency of the sound

Which works best for a manually assigned speaker. Use the slider to adjust the frequency.

Choose between a megaphone or a megaphone with a simple slider,

Notes for using the application:

Place the phone or smartwatch in such a way that the speaker is facing down.

- Optimized audio conversion.

- Unplug the headphones if they are connected.

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