An application that serves as a comprehensive guide for medical examinations

An application that serves as a comprehensive guide for medical examinations

A distinctive application that provides complete and comprehensive information about medical examinations in Arabic

And divided into different categories such as pregnancy and childbirth, diabetes, cancer diseases,

Nutrition, diet, and more.

The application includes an explanation of most of the routine medical analyzes that are conducted in medical laboratories

A simple and easy language was used to be understood by all users, whether patients or workers

in the health field or students.

- An application that helps doctors in their work and provides them with information about

Standard topics such as high blood pressure and calculating the ideal weight.

- Within this application, there is a free medical laboratory consultation service, which

Through this, the user can use one of the laboratory consultants to obtain

medical opinion or advice.

Application features:

- The application is free and does not contain any ads.

The program has an easy-to-use interface.

- The application offers a large list of examinations divided into different categories, including most areas.

- The program supports both Arabic and English languages and enables you to search in both languages.

- Doesn't need an internet connection.

- The ability to display diseases according to the Arabic or English alphabet.

- Small download size not exceeding 4MB.

- Contains an image for each directory.

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