An application that collects scientific sources and research in various disciplines

An application that collects scientific sources and research in various disciplines in one place

It is a tool that collects scientific research and resources in one place before

Academic publishers from different fields and disciplines can search across

Many scientific fields and sources of information, as it provides you with approved research and letters

International, books, summaries, and articles.

- This application provides all links on the web to find sources

Information that benefits the scientific research process, such as (search engines, scientific journal directories,

Digital libraries, global databases, theses, and electronic archives).

-- It assists researchers in collecting data and making electronic questionnaires

And addressing them by providing sites and links to the necessary tools such as (design tools

Questionnaires, data analysis tools, statistical programs, and study sample calculation).

Provides information about websites and links for scientific editing and writing

Which is represented in (translation, citation examination, paraphrasing, drafting

managing citations, correcting spelling and grammar).

- It provides links and sites for technical support for files, photos, and videos, represented in

  (Presentations, infographics, mind maps, editing photos and videos, editing pdf files)

- Contributes to the development of academic and research skills by providing sites and links for each of the

(E-learning platforms, language teaching, scientific writing skill, academic communication platforms).

Provides links and websites for activities, grants, and research projects

Of interest to researchers such as (scientific conferences, scholarships, support and funding of research projects, and awards).

And many other things.

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