Write your message and set the time of sending and this application will send it at the right time

Write your message and set the time of sending and this application will send it at the right time

Decide what you want to send, be it a GIF, video, or text

And the application will send to it

It is a new messaging application that provides users of the iOS operating system

On iPhone phones, send temporary secret messages, and those messages are at a certain time

That is, the time during which the sender sends his message, and thus the receiver cannot open the message

Except at the right moment that you choose.

Application features:

- One of the main features of the application is to send specific messages to one of your friends and send them

At the time that the user sets to show those messages to the addressee.

- The application supports sending texts, videos, pictures, and animations

  Gifs by specifying a specific time for sending.

- He can inform the user of the remaining time to send his message, through the message timer.

- The application also allows all of its users to surprise their friends with secret messages that blow to them unexpectedly.

Users can leave messages for their friends on the map, hoping that their friends will search for them later.

- The application is free and small in size.

How to use the app:

= The application is very simple and very easy to use, all you have to do is activate it after installing

The application on your device you have to open and then you will find the contacts you have.

= Then select a specific contact to send your message to, and then you will find a timer

For the time, this is for the user to set the appropriate time for him to send, i.e. the appropriate time

In which a message will reach his friends or any other person appointed by him.

= You can specify this period in hours or days according to the desire of each user and according to the type of messages that he sends.

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