Download the Ramadan catch-up application for the year 2023


About Amsakia Ramadan Application - Rosary - Prayer Times:

This application is one of the most wonderful religious applications that make the remembrance of God always on your tongue, as it prompts you to mention it from time to time, just as the application is used by many who have won their admiration and praised it. Do you want Arabic or English? If you are an Arab, you choose Arabic, and if you are a foreigner, you choose English. Then, the program asks you to specify the country in which you are located, dear Muslim. After selecting the country, the program is asked to specify the governorate to which it belongs, dear Muslim. Then the program presents to you the Gregorian and Hijri dates, specifying the Gregorian month And the Hijri month, with also specifying the Gregorian year, the Hijri year, and the governorate display, all of this is at the top left of the page, then it shows you the five daily prayers and their dates according to your country and city.

Features of the application Amsakih Ramadan - Rosary - prayer times:

It also provides you with a very awesome feature, which is knowing the remaining time for the next prayer, all of this in an icon known as the icon of the day. You can also determine the qiblah also using this program by specifying the north, south, east, west and other directions. A rosary is in the hand, and the number of praises that you praise is calculated. There is also an icon called a greeting icon that shows you some very beautiful Islamic sentences, some of which are free and some that are paid. There is also an icon of the Noble Qur’an presented by Sheikh Jalil Fares Abbad, who has a wonderful sweet voice, may God protect him and prolong his life, and he and the rest of the sheikhs. The program also allows you to specify your language, whether it was Arabic or English. There is the Muslim World League, including Umm al-Qura and the new Egyptian authority. You can also specify the doctrine, whether your doctrine is Shafi’i or Hanafi, as you can Modifying the Gregorian Hijri date (calendar). Download the Imsakia Ramadan program.

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