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Features of blocking incoming calls and messages Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist application: It is an application that blocks incoming calls and messages and blocks this number from calling you again, as it prevents you from confrontations and strange numbers that call you in the middle of the night and you do not want that. There is also a white list through which you can know the numbers that do not It is never blocked. You can also press the + button to add a lot of annoying numbers that you do not want to receive, whether it is from the call log or from the contacts, or you want to enter the number directly. There is also a terrible feature that exists only in this application, which is that you can enter the first number of The number you are looking for and it will appear to you immediately, dear user. This program is the solution, and you ask me, is the solution from what? I will tell you it is the solution in order to get rid of the fake calls made by people who want your anger they want to say from your comfort or when there are some numbers to call your children or your wife or your family then this program is the solution yes dear from all those fools who want to disturb you some numbers call your wife to me They annoyed her. This program is the solution. Some people do not want you to sleep and call after midnight. I tell you this is the perfect solution to get away from all of this.

Program to block numbers, incoming calls and messages

This is the solution to rest and relieve your brain from thinking about all these fools who do not want people's interests. This application seeks to achieve comfort for its valued customers, which the program team seeks for their convenience. There is also a list of settings through which you can control everything about the program, so you can During the ban, you can also hide the icon in your status bar, you can also control the schedule, you can also control the white list, and you can also protect your password so that the device is not opened by any other person other than you, my dear, we are all in the work team It seeks your convenience as fully as possible, and the program also allows you to control the notifications that you receive through the program. You can also control the log list, and through it you can control the blocked messages that you have blocked so that they do not arrive again. They also give you the opportunity to contact the technical support of the program they receive Your questions if you have any questions. You can also evaluate the program and share it with friends to help them with such problems. There are also other applications. When you click on this list, an application appears to you. Other khat like that as well

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The program enables you to remove ads that annoy you, and you can also download the pro version.

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