An application that enables you to open more than one account sites in one interface

An application that enables you to open more than one account on social networking sites in one interface

This application allows you to use all the instant messaging applications on your device

With just one interface, this app supports Slack

Whatsapp, WeChat, HipChat Facebook, Messenger, Telegram

Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype, and Grape.

It is free software that enables you to connect and manage multiple access to your accounts

Social networking sites, chats, and services are under one roof.

- The application has a comfortable and easy interface to manage several personal accounts, provided that each account is displayed

One of these accounts is on a different tab. On top of that, you will receive notifications telling you if

There were no unread messages on any of your apps.

- The application is very useful for computer users, as the user spends a lot of time

on his computer, and with this app you'll be able to reply to any message regardless

From its source, you will also be able to do so without the need to browse your phone or turn on

Several programs at the same time on your PC.

Application features:

- The program enables you to use most of the services simultaneously, as you can use more than 70 services.

- The ability to connect your accounts on many social networks and chat programs.

The application works on all computer operating systems.

- Adding social media platforms, e-mail services, and chats to the program.

- Supports most major languages in the world.

- It allows you to open many accounts on one service at the same time, such as (using two or more WhatsApp accounts at the same time).

- Possibility to switch between normal mode and grievances mode.

- Control receiving notifications and alerts for all your accounts.

Cloud sync.

- Supports spell-checking feature.

- Protection and privacy.

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