An application that converts handwriting into electronic text

An application that converts handwriting into electronic text

Use this app to convert your handwriting into digital text and download it

as an image or PDF file for different handwriting font types and ink colors

And the papers as it looks like real calligraphy on real paper if you need pictures

Handwritten or real-looking documents, you can use this amazing tool.

- The application offers a long list of paper types, some of which are classic paper types

Such as white paper, horizontal and square ruled papers, while some contain

The other has background images as paper frames and you choose between them.

- Although the digital text is easier to edit, search, and store, handwriting is

On paper, it's still very popular since it's quick, easy, and accessible.

Pen to Print Handwriting Recognition (OCR) is a great solution for those who want

They still love the feel of pen on paper but want to enjoy the benefits of digital.

- It is an easy-to-use, fast, and affordable application.

- It is also an ideal solution for students, to convert their handwritten study notes

and class notes, and homework for high school, college, or university.

- Excellent for sharing meeting minutes, protocols, and other documents

Handwritten with multiple participants.

- A useful tool for secretaries and paralegals, saving hours of typing.

Well-suited for archiving and organizing documents.

To download 

click here


The success of handwriting recognition is directly related to the quality of the scan

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