An application that contains many short stories for children before going to sleep

An application that contains many short stories for children before going to sleep

The perfect solution for mothers and fathers to read interesting and useful stories for their children

You will no longer be confused about what you will see for your children with this wonderful


The app contains a huge collection of bedtime stories for kids.

- In this application, there are audio and written stories, an impressive collection of stories

High-quality children's pre-made story books that make reading more fun and entertaining

Sleeping for children is very enjoyable because it tells about morals, kingdoms, and fairy tales

Funny, animals, self-confidence, reading books for children are very short making it easy

The child should listen to the end of the story.

- The application provides educational and disciplinary stories in a child-friendly manner

- Fun to use with lots of stories for kids with great pictures that introduce children's stories

Loved ones from all over the world are all together in one app and it's all free.

- It is an entertaining and educational app. All stories contain text with audio

So children will focus more on the word and pronunciation by reading a short story in the language

English from this application every day you can help your children build values,

As well as improving their reading comprehension skills.

Application features:

- The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface, attractive design, and graphics.

- All stories within the app are free to read and listen to.

- Pictures for each story so that the child can imagine the events.

- High-quality sound and charming music.

- No internet connection is required (only raw resources need to be downloaded online).

- Tales that will educate your children.

Easily find your child's favorite story.

- Relive famous childhood stories.

- Increase children's imagination and imagination.

- Helps children learn basic skills of listening, reading and speaking.

- Audiobooks develop listening skills, calm concentration, and help you understand complex language.

- You can increase and decrease the text font size

- You can read stories with the lights off (night mode).

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