An application for home exercises without the need for sports equipment

An application for home exercises without the need for sports equipment

This app offers you a set of daily exercise regimens exercises for all your major muscle groups

The app helps you build your muscles and get fit at home without having to go to a gym

for sports.

- Fitness application where you can perform different routines to get fit

Without leaving your home. With just a few minutes a day, you can stimulate your physical states within a period

  Medium without setting foot in the gymnasium.

- The application provides you with a virtual coach and tips to do the exercises effectively

Thanks to this feature you will avoid adopting poor postures that are not used better

Use minutes into your workout time plus the tool offers a series of challenges

Which you must defeat to get the best results.

- The application contains exercises for the muscles of the abdomen, chest, legs, and arms

As well as full body exercises All exercises are designed by experts All exercises

No equipment is required, so you don't have to go to the gym

Although it only takes a few minutes a day, it can shape your body

your muscles and help you get six-pack abs at home.

- The app has animations and video instructions for every exercise you can

Ensure that you use the correct form during each exercise.

Application features:

- In-app warm-up and stretching exercises

- Records exercise progress automatically

Provides a graph that tracks your weight status.

- Customize exercise reminders.

- Detailed video and animation guide.

Lose weight with a personal trainer.

- You can share the application with your friends on social networking sites.

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