This application helps you to organize your time and not waste it

 This application helps you to organize your time and not waste it

It's a great app to manage your time and keep it from getting lost is an automatic productivity

and time tracker that helps you understand and control the time you spend on your Android

device Get insights into how you spend your day, from better habits, and overcome


- The application will send you weekly reports telling you about all the things that steal your

time, not to mention the automatic time tracking feature, as well as focus stimulating and

distraction prevention tools and effective reporting tools

- The application protects you from addiction to social media and social networking sites. The

application studies the timApplication features:

e you spend on these sites and phone programs and provides you

with reports on the amount of time you spend and waste.

- The application is not satisfied with providing studies only, but also provides solutions and

suggestions to organize your time and benefit from it.

Through it, you can monitor the time you spend on any website or application.

- The application can track the time it takes you to do specific tasks.

- The application has a great and simple design that you can use easily.

The application is available on Android and iOS, and you can also use it on your computer.

- You can use this application completely free of charge.

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