Perfect compass with qibla direction

 Perfect compass with qibla direction

All Muslims are interested in knowing the direction of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, because it is their

qiblah in the direction of prayer, and the direction of the qiblah differs from one place and country to

another. at home.

An application that determines the direction of the qiblah wherever you are. The compass application

determines the location of the qiblah in any place, be it a sea, a mountain, or any other place, using only

your mobile phone.

- It's a simple yet very useful app that allows you to find the right path no matter where you are.

- A compass is a navigational tool that indicates celestial directions that work in the same way as its

physical counterpart. The application finds the location (GPS) and determines the celestial directions on

the basis of it.

- The aesthetic design of this elegant compass will not distract you from your priorities and will help

travelers embark on many exciting adventures.

- The compass not only shows north, south, east, and west but also shows azimuth and inclination

angle. It is an easy-to-use and important application for trekking and nature lovers.

- The application also has practical information such as altitude or times of sunrise and sunset, etc. that

helps you not to get lost during trips.

How to use the compass:

- It is necessary first to know the direction of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in relation to the location in

which the direction of the qiblah is to be known, that is, if Makkah is located north, east, south, or west

of the site. The compass lies flat on the hands

For example, taking into account its fixation and preventing its movement, in order for the compass to

settle on the four directions, and to determine the qiblah according to the direction in which Makkah Al-

Mukarramah is located.

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